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Lian Rou builds the world's advanced mattress machinery

Date Posted:2015-10-30 Clicks:692

As the very first Chinese manufacturer of Pocket Spring Machines, Guangzhou Lianrou Machinery and Equipment Co., Ltd (hereinafter refer to as Lianrou) started the production of upholstered furniture equipments in China. Out of his own dozens of years experience on machinery researching and manufacturing, founder of Lianrou develops the first Pocket Spring Machine in China. And this machine had won recognition and praises in Interzum Guangzhou Exhibition, from mattress enterprises and manufacturers of domestic and overseas.  For the many years after that, Lianrou has always kept in mind a belief of Technological Innovation, Quality First and Top Class Service. And he has continually researched and developed a series of upholstered furniture manufacturing equipments, Pocket Spring Machine, Pocket Spring Assembly Machine, Automatic Mattress Packing Machine, Mattress Roll-packing Machine, Foam-roll Compressing Machine, etc. In recent years, Lianrou has kept bringing in CNC Centers of famous international brands. Meanwhile, Lianrou has recruited plenty of technical talents with abundant experience and new concepts in machinery manufacturing,including software experts ,engineers with master degree and some doctor degree, and mechanism specialists who have gained national recognition. All of these have provided a strong foundation for the growing of Lianrou.

Development of Lianrou:

2014, Lianrou invents a new generation of Fully Automatic Pocket Spring Production Line LR-PSLINE-140,It has a speed of 140 springs per minute , and this is leading the world.

2013, Lianrou introduces a new type Box Spring Pad (Nano Pocket Spring Units) to the industry, and this has turned a new chapter for the Pocket Spring Units.

2012, Lianrou introduces a new generation of Automatic Pocket Spring Machine LR-PS-OV,which is to meet customers’ requirements on higher efficiency, better quality and easier operation.

2011, a new factory comes into service, and enables Lianrou to provide better products and service.

2008, with the birth of Automatic Pocket Spring Production Line LR-PS-LINE, Lianrou becomes the first again to fill the blank domestically of manufacturing a multi-functional production line in producing pocket spring units.

2007, Lianrou has a technical break through again, and he invents China's first servo coiler, this has realized fully computer control in springs coiling, and meanwhile a new generation of Pocket Spring Machine LR-PS-VX is promoted to the market.

2006, with the fast development of Pocket Spring Machines, Lianrou introduces a new generation of Pocket Spring Assembly Machine LR-PSA-125P with high speed.

2005, a new generation of Pocket Spring Machine LR-PS-VF is invented, and its efficiency breaks a record in China.

2003, the second generation Pocket Spring Machine with PLC control system LR-PS-90P comes into the world, as the first economical and durable Pocket spring Machine, this model has a good sales even now, rated the most classic Pocket Spring Machine.

2000, Lianrou develops the first generation Pocket Spring Machine LR-PS-80P.

1998, Lianrou develops the first mechanical driven Pocket Spring Machine in China.


20 years innovation! 20 years progress! Lianrou has accomplished about 40 patents, including 4 invention patents and many international patent, German patent and PCT. In order to serve the customers better, Lianrou gradually brings out Wrapping Machine and Roll Packing Machines to suit mattresses and foam products. Aiming at the European and American market, Lianrou had made different machines that conform to CE standard.


Lianrou's Vision:

Lead the industry with advanced technology!

Win the trust with best quality!

Feedback the customers with high quality service!