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LR-PS-90P The Operational Solution and Steps

Date Posted:2013-03-04 Clicks:613

Mattress machine      

      Pocket spring machine

LR-PS-90P  The Operational Solution and Steps

4.1 The preparation issues before starting the machine

1. To keep the worker and the machine in safety, please make sure the whole machine is grounded.

2. According to the requirement, a threephrasefourwire industrial power must be supplied.

3. According to the requirement, there must be enough air source supplied.

4.2 Machine operation

1. Notice: first to plug in the power supply. Then when the electricity is available,  plug in the air supply. Otherwise some unwanted accidents may happen.

2. Check again if the power supply is correct and the air supply meets the requirement.

3. Set the spring steel wire onto the wire rack, have the spring steel wires got right through, adjust properly the height, size and shape of the springs.

4. Set the nonwoven cloth onto the cloth rack.

5. First on the computer control screen, cut off the ultrasonic sealing control set and the pocket spring control set with only the coiling spring set on. Start the machine. Now only the coiling spring machine and the concave bowl spring pedrail are working. Turn off the machine till the spring is filled with the concave bowls on the spring feeding device. Set the nonwoven cloth on the triangle plaiting rack. Control the ultrasonic switch manually to seal the nonwoven cloth into the cloth cylinders.

( Notice: When controlling the switch manually, be careful not to have your hand clamped. )

6. On the computer control screen, connect the ultrasonic sealing control set with the package spring control set and start the machine now and intermittently, which is to test whether the springs in the sacks are lower than the diaphragm ultrasonic mould head after they are pulled down by the robot hand. If not lower than, please pull them by hand to make the upper generatrix lower than the ultrasonic tiein; then adjust again to keep the automatic operation of the springs in a normal situation.

7. Go on starting the machine. When five or six springs are manufactured, put the finished pocket springs into the dolly, switch on the delivery dolly of the finished products to start the conveyer belt. Now the machine can be used for manufacturing continuously.