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Lianrou Machinery, which started with mold manufacturing, was founded in 1978. As the very first Chinese manufacturer of pocket spring machines, Lianrou Machinery opened the production of upholstered furniture machines in China. The main business of Lianrou Machinery is the production of pocket spring machines and its relevant automatic packing machines. They are pocket spring machines, pocket spring assembly machines, mattress packing production lines, SMARTLINE which is our intelligent production collaboration system, and overall industry solutions. Relying on the decades of mechanical R&D and manufacturing experience of the company's founder, Lianrou Machinery has been devoting itself to the R&D and manufacturing of high-quality intelligent CNC machines. As the leading enterprise in the domestic intelligent manufacturing equipment industry of upholstered furniture, the machine products are mainly applied in the automatic intelligent production of upholstered furniture which many machine products have reached the world leading level. It is unique in the industry that customized pocket spring mattress meets the pressure curve of human sleeping position. In recent years, the machine products of Lianrou Machinery has ranked first in the domestic and oversea market.

Lianrou Machinery committed to improve production efficiency of upholstered furniture manufacturers.

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According to the needs of customers in different dimensions, Lianrou Machinery has developed digital and intelligent solutions for customers through automated hardware such as AGV, robot arm (RA) and software independently developed by Lianrou Machinery.


LianRou Machinery shows up in the 49th CIFF with fastest pocket spring machine


LianRouattendedthe49thChinaInternationalFurnitureFair(Guangzhou)fromJuly26th 2022toJuly29th 2022. Withsuperbtechnicalstandards,ingeniousdesignandaccurateandhigh-s




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