Lianrou Cologne Exhibition


Cologne, Germany - Lianrou's new environmental protection and energy-saving design shines brilliantly

At the just-concluded woodworking and furniture accessories exhibition in Cologne, Germany, exhibitors from all over the world gathered and exchanged ideas, competing to launch new products, which was unprecedentedly grand.

The booth of Lianrou was very lively. The spring production machine LR-PS-EV280/260 with the industry's highest production efficiency of 280 pieces/min and the production line LR-PSA-GLL of mattress spring net without glue attracted the attention. Received a large number of inquiries from European customers.

Among them, the production efficiency of the pocket spring production machine LR-PS-EV280/260 ranks first in the industry, 30% ahead of similar products, 3 wire racks, 2 motors, and its unique built-in double-layer structure design, high-efficiency production at the same time, The product occupies a small area, which can save the factory space, and the visiting customers are full of praise.

The LR-PSA-GLL Glueless assembly production line is the industry's first automatic equipment that directly adopts ultrasonic welding pocket spring net without the glue process. The whole bed net does not contain a drop of glue, and the four springs are welded on the Together, they form a unique four-leaf clover structure design, which has stronger support and meets higher production efficiency (120-160pcs/min). This product will lead to a change in the production process of pocket springs, and for the first time overcome the technical problem of the necessary glue bonding of pocket spring mattresses, greatly improving the environmental protection and health of pocket spring mattresses.

The 109P that automatically adheres the surrounding foam and the upper non-woven fabric is another highlight of this exhibition, which saves labor costs and reduces the floor space. It not only has the function of pocket spring assembly machine, but also has the function of foam assembly.

There are also highly efficient and intelligent mattress production equipment such as the fully automatic mattress composite cotton rolling spray machine with AI detection and correction functions, and the flexible mattress packaging production line. The products are bold in technological innovation and advanced. The green environmental protection design has been recognized by the European market.


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